The publication Cottage Life is offering some ideas to keep the flies off your food this summer.

With the return of nice weather, so too is the return of insects. Anyone that lives in and or cottages in the area knows how pesky flies can be. It’s because of that, the cottage-focused publication has a list of four tips to keep the bugs away from your food.

The first suggestion to get the flies to buzz off is to pour some apple cider vinegar into a jar or bowl.

Next add some water to dilute it if you’d like, and finally, add a drop of dish soap. The flies reportedly fall into the liquid and can’t get out.

The next suggestion is to create what is called a funnel trap. Do this by adding some kind of bait to a glass or mason jar. Then roll a piece of paper to create a funnel into the jar and tapping it in so it stays in place.

The flies go in but cannot get out again.

Third on the list of suggestions is what they call Milk, Sugar, Pepper. This trap is exactly what the name suggests, mix four ounces of sugar, and two ounces of ground pepper into a bowl of milk. The mixture should attract the bugs long enough for them to drown.

The final flytrap has people mixing one-part vodka with one-part vinegar, covering the concoction with plastic wrap and poking holes in it for the flies to get in.