The township is looking at bringing in some help through the summer.

Minden Hills announced last week that it is hiring both seasonal and casual part-time operators for the Department of Community Services.

Whoever gets hired will be responsible for maintaining parks, cemeteries and facilities. The successful applicant will get 24 hours a week with an hourly wage of $16.43.

The town says that position is expected to be a five-month contract ending on August 15th.

Some of the duties for that job include the opening and closing of graves, grass cutting, janitorial work or minor repairs to the arena.

The seasonal position is a 27-week contract at 40 hours a week. The hourly rate for the job is $18.67 an hour, but the wage can be subject to union dues.

The duties of that job are generally the same as the casual operator position.

Applications can be sent to Shannon Prentice, the Deputy Clerk, by emailing

The seasonal position is open until the spot is filled.