What Dysart is going to do with its grant from the province is up in the air for now.

Mayor Andrea Roberts announced that the money the province gave to the municipality is not getting spent this year.

Roberts explained to the councillors earlier today that it simply isn’t possible to spend the grant funds this year for a number of reasons. The first being that they do not have it yet.

Another reason the money is not being allocated just yet according to the first term mayor is the fact they have no idea what the requirements of this grant are.

Deputy Mayor Patrick Kennedy suggested the wording in the letter sent out could indicate the province wants it to be used for very specific things.

The letter Kennedy is referring to came from the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Steve Clark, who suggested the funds are for municipalities to “deliver modern, efficient services…” but the letter did not mention what rules and stipulations come with the “unconditional grant.”

Councillor John Smith raised a question about the funding, asking how does the province calculate the totals.

Roberts said that she spoke informally to MPP Laurie Scott about that. Haliburton’s Queen’s Park representative was not sure how that number gets decided.