The retaining wall on Hardwood Lake is going through some changes.

Algonquin Highlands gave the okay to its Parks Rec and Trails Manager, Chris Card, to go ahead with his plan to replace the retaining walls at the lake’s landing with pre-cast concrete.

Card explained the retaining walls at the landing have failed, and they are scheduled for replacement this year. Card explained to the councillors, during the regular council meeting, that he was leaning towards using the pre-made blocks because of the longevity that they provide.

He explained that the existing wall was made with pressure treated lumber, which he noted was common for retaining walls built in that era. Card said the style of wall typically lasts 15-20 years whereas using concrete can last upwards of 50 years.

Mayor Carol Moffatt, although supporting of his suggestions, raised a concern over what concrete could do to boats and other watercrafts trying to use the landing. An idea that Card said has several solutions, including him looking into installing bumpers along the length of the wall.

According to Card, there are many variables to look at when it comes to bumpers but as the planning goes forward they will weigh the options.

The cost of replacing the wall was a planned expense for this year.