The Haliburton County Farmers’ Market is making its return to Stanhope.

Jim Stanley from the Farmers’ Market met with Algonquin Highlands Council last week, and he got the approval to bring the yearly market back to run in Stanhope again this year.

Although it is returning, the time for it is changing slightly, it is going to run from June 21st to August 31st 12:00 noon to 4:00pm. Another slight change to the market is the fact that it is asking to bring in 26 vendors and 32 tables.

According to Stanley, last year they had 24 vendors which led to a $122,000 in vendor earnings, which he notes is not as good as the other markets in the county but still admirable.

Stanley explained that the Stanhope location has a couple of challenges that could affect it including the fact it can’t necessarily be seen from the road, it is a newer market, and it is not in town like the other two.

He said that the organizers are looking at ways to market the event more, as well as ways to bring in more vendors and lower the fees for vendors. Stanley explained that they wanted to change the date as a way to operate during the peak tourist season.

In terms of the marketing, Mayor Carol Moffatt suggested that she can use her own social media to promote it, and encouraged the other councillors to do the same. Councillor Lisa Barry pointed out that the Stanhope Recreation Committee was already looking at programming that can coincide with the market.