The spreading of septage off of Bobcaygeon Road is on hold for the time being.

Although the construction is done and septage has been spread last year, Thomas Contracting is in a holding pattern until Minden Hills approves or denies a change to the official plan.

Earlier today, Thomas Contracting held an open house on their lot at 688 Bobcaygeon to give the public added insight into what they are doing with it. The meeting itself was well attended.

During the open house, Keith Thomas explained that they are looking to use the lot to spread septage. He said that they have had sites in other communities, including in eyesight of his personal home in Carnarvon and he has yet to hear a single complaint about the smell from the field.

At the meeting, it was explained that they would’ve continued using the Carnarvon site, but the Ministry of Environment had changed the rules and regulations for running spreading fields which made it non-compliant. The Minden location is however compliant with the current rules assuming they don’t change sooner.

One concerned citizen raised concern over what might happen to the site if the stream to the north of the site overflows. Which Thomas and their consulting agency both suggested would be near impossible based on the fact the field itself is close to 6 metres above the change in vegetation next to the stream. So that would mean the river would have to overflow by more than that just to reach the berm around the field.

The biggest recurring concern for the taxpayer was how much it might smell, which Thomas suggested would only really happen while they are spreading, but throughout the rest of the time, it shouldn’t smell at all. Though they emphasized that they can not guarantee it won’t smell at all.

One person asked if a sewage plant would be better, which Thomas suggested that would not be a good idea from an economic standpoint, saying that the county doesn’t produce enough for that to be sustainable.

After all, was said and done, Ian Clendenning, the Minden Hills Planner said that at this point, the Committee of the Whole is reviewing the plan change this week and it will be brought to council.