Although winter is on its way out, the need for sand is still here.

Travis Wilson, the Roads Superintendent of Minden Hills says the town purchased another 3,000 tonnes of sand to close out winter maintenance operations. wilson explained that after reviewing how much sand was used and needed through the winter, it was decided that 3,000 tonnes would be enough.

Wilson explained the need for more sand came from the early onset of winter “as well as the uncharacteristic weather patterns”.

As part of the process to secure the sand, Wilson said that his department reached out to five companies to get quotes. Three of them did not answer, but Wilson did get quotes from Fowler Construction and Blair Sand and Gravel.

Minden decided to go with Blair, at a cost of $33,102.67. Aside from the sand itself, the town also bought $11,478.95 worth of salt from KS Windsor Salt to be added to the sand.

The 2019 budget includes $90,000 specifically getting winter sand.