With a state of emergency in place, the O.P.P. are offering some ideas to stay safe.

The Haliburton Highlands O.P.P. wants to make sure people are being cautious while bad weather continues to be a concern for Minden and the surrounding area.

Highlands O.P.P. suggests that everyone be cautious around fast-moving rivers and streams, the police emphasize that conditions can change rapidly. As well it is a good idea to keep children and pets away from those same rivers and streams.

Another thought of the local detachment is to not drive on roads that are underwater. Though the car can pass through the water, the conditions underneath can be unstable and could damage the car or hurt the people inside the car.

Echoing the sentiment of the Minden Hills Mayor, Brent Devolin, the O.P.P. encourage people to make use of sandbags to try and protect their homes and other belongings.

The O.P.P. says that for non-emergencies residents can call the township and for a situation that requires the police or other emergency services, call 911.