People in their 20s are gathering this summer for an international rally.

With the World Youth Rally coming up in July, the Haliburton Rotary Club and TravelMaven are offering to fit some of the bill to go represent Haliburton County.

The Rotary Club took to Twitter to announce that between them and TravelMaven, they are recruiting two people in their 20s to go to Seoul South Korea. According to the club, they and TravelMaven will pay one third each as long as the applicant can take on a third as well. The cost is estimated at $700.

If you are interested in trying to go to the rally are encouraged to send their letter of interest to by May 25th.

The World Youth Rally is an annual event hosted by Hostelling International KOREA. The event is designed for attendees to learn through discussion around four major themes. Those themes are  “Building Friendships beyond prejudice and differences, Discussing Based on Global Citizen Education (GCED), Traveling city and nature with Korean team leader, Thinking about World peace in the World’s only divided country.”

Organizers say they are expecting roughly 150 students from around the world.