Residents of Minden Hills can have their say in the Community Improvement Plan thanks to a survey.

The township took to Twitter to announce a survey entirely connected to what the public would like to see from the implementation of an improvement plan.

Throughout the survey, it asks whether you are a resident, a visitor, a business owner or something in between. The next question lists off six different things that Minden identified as priorities of the CIP. Those things are the beautification of businesses in the downtown core, supporting existing businesses, attracting new business, attracting more visitors, encouraging the development of rental housing, and improving the environmental sustainability of buildings.

Some of the other items within the survey touch on what people think would improve parking in the downtown core, what incentive programs should be included in the CIP, and how the taxpayer feels the town should spread the word about the plan.

Last week, Stephanie Bergman from Stantec met with Minden council to go over exactly what a CIP is, and it’s overall goals. According to Bergman, the goal of using a CIP is to stimulate growth within the community and improve the long-term sustainability of buildings.

Bergman explained that Stantec had identified there is a need for housing, which she believes a CIP could help with. She also told the councillors once the plan is in place, there would be small incremental improvements.

Through Bergman’s presentation to council, she pointed out that generally speaking the downtown area needs a bit of a facelift, and there are a number of vacant buildings. which again would be addressed in the CIP.

Bergam explained that Stantec will help the town with the implementation and marketing of the plan.

A link to the survey can be found by clicking here.