Algonquin Highlands wants more information before deciding on a noise exemption.

The Ministry of Transportation reached out to Algonquin Highlands council, through Chief Building Official David Rogers, asking the town to consider allowing them to work on extended hours as a way to expedite how quick the work gets done and minimize the time the Highway is closed.

As of now, the work is slated to start May of next year and go on until September of that year. Rogers explained that they want for the noise exemption is because the work includes the use of excavators, backhoes, dump trucks, soil compactors and diesel generators.

Rogers said the ask is to extend working hours from 7:00am to 11:00pm from July 18th to September 7th. Rogers also explained they also intend to leave early on Fridays to not have the highway bogged down by their work.

Councillor Jennifer Dailloux, whose ward is where the work is getting done, said that the people in the riding are excited by the prospect of the work getting done. But on the other hand, they had raised concerns over the noise throughout the week if the exemption goes through. Dailloux pitched the idea of having the extended work hours until the construction reaches the settlement.

Dailloux said that there was a concern over the idea that people coming up to vacation during a weekday would be subject to that noise every night until Friday. She pointed out that there was also concerns the work could further impede the visitors that come into the area to watch the leaves change.

Mayor Carol Moffatt and the rest of the councillors decided that they could now make a decision on this without getting more information from the Ministry.