With cottages opening up and the long weekend here, Dysart wants to ensure recycling is done right.

The Municipality of Dysart et al wants to make sure that anyone renting and visiting knows what to do with their waste.

According to Dysart staff, renters and others can buy a one-time use landfill pass from the municipal office for $2. At the office, you can also get a Waste Diversion and Disposal Guide

Although to get the landfill pass you do need to go into the building, the guide is available for review. The guide itself goes over a number of things including the fact that Dysart does not offer curbside pickup.

Aside from that, the guide touches on the fact that clear bags are required so the attendants can properly divide the items, the fact that recycling fibres and containers is mandatory, and that only one bag of waste is allowed with the one time pass.

Dysart classifies containers as plastics labelled 1-7, glass bottles and jars, metal beverage and food cans, aluminum trays, cans and foil, food and beverage styrofoam and plastic film. Whereas fibres are boxboard, milk and juice cartons and boxes, newspapers, magazines and catalogues, paper egg cartons, brown paper bags, mixed and office paper and corrugated cardboard.

Any questions you might have about recycling and waste disposal can be directed to the municipality by calling 705-457-1740 ext. 659