The county is looking to upgrade the collective voice advocating for the province to reconsider cuts.

Following the news the Haliburton County Library Board had sent off a letter to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport urging them to reconsider the cuts made to the Southern Ontario Library Services, the county councillors decided they too would pen a letter asking the provincial conservatives to think about continuing to fund SOLS.

Andrea Roberts, the Library Board Chair and Dysart representative on the county council, says the board was looking for council support with the letter. The idea is that more voices would have a bigger impact than just the board. After a discussion, the councillors felt that the best way to support the board’s letter was to write one of their own rather than simply add onto theirs.

Carol Moffatt the Mayor of Algonquin Highlands, suggested that a second letter would create more strength, whereas adding onto the board’s would not. Cec Ryall, the Deputy Mayor of Highlands East gave a similar thought saying that multiple voices would be better than a single one.

Although he was supportive of creating a letter, Dysart Deputy Mayor Patrick Kennedy asked what the costs are for the library following the cuts. Roberts responded by saying that the interlibrary loan services are invaluable and she felt it was impossible to put a dollar amount to that. Roberts also said there are things that Library CEO Bessie Sullivan can get costs for, but reiterated that the loan services are priceless.

The cuts to the SOLS is part of the provincial government’s plan to cut costs for the taxpayer.