Cottagers in the area come and go but their waste sticks around.

All over the world, there is an increased amount of pressure to reduce waste and create more sustainable habits. Locally, the cottage rental agency, Cottage Care Rentals have released a list of suggestions to enjoy your rental with sustainable practices

The first suggestion for “sustainable living” is to check the waste diversion procedures within the municipality you are staying in. It is good practice to make sure you are not mixing recyclable products and waste.

To reduce the amount of plastic used, the next suggestion is to do your shopping at a bulk food store with your own jars, bags, containers so there is no need for the store to use paper or plastic bags.

Rather than just using and throwing out cutlery, suggestion three is to bring cutlery up to the cottage with you so that you are not filling the garbage with plastics. The fourth idea is more of a laborious task, but it suggests that cottagers and residents band together and do a butt clean up at the local beach.

Suggestion five is to carpool as much as possible, even if it’s just a day trip. In terms of water activities, the sixth idea is to use kayaks and canoes on the various lakes rather than power vehicles.

Whether you are just a cottager or permanent resident, it is a good idea to buy local from things like farmers markets and the like to support the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint of items having to be shipped to the area.

As a way to cut back on the number of dishes that need to be done, one suggestion is to cook any finger foods over the fire rather than on the stove. that also doesn’t require propane or electricity.

A  big thing for sustainable living is cutting back on the number of plastics, so the final suggestion is to give each person their own dishes and cutlery that they can use throughout their stay, rather than using plastics that get used once and thrown away.

The list of suggestions was written by a Haliburton Highlands resident Adeilah Dahlke.