The Rotary Club wants Dysart to work with them on a project for Head Lake Park.

Dysart et al and the Haliburton Rotary Club have worked together on several projects in the past, and now the club is hoping to add the construction of a welcome centre and bathroom to that list of projects.

Rotarian Andrew Hodgson met with the Dysart councillors earlier today to discuss the idea of this project. Hodgson explained that Head Lake Park is a “jewel” of sorts, but the esthetic and overall appeal of the park is diminished by the fact that the only washroom facilities on site are the outhouses that are there.

The club had discussed the idea of doing some kind of project for their 75th anniversary, which gets celebrated this year. Throughout their discussion, the idea of a welcome centre that has washrooms for public use has come up.

Although the Rotary Club presented designs, it was noted that this was still very much preliminary, and it was still very flexible in terms of what it looks like and the construction.

According to Hodgson, the club is willing to contribute up to $75,000 to the project, which their initial estimates suggested would be potentially a $250,000 project.

Knowing how much costly an expense that would be for the municipality, Hodgson explained that there is a federal grant program that Dysart could apply for to supplement the costs.

Of all the councillors, Walt McKechnie was the only to raise concerns over taking on a project of this nature without knowing how much it would cost to maintain and operate it.

After a lengthy discussion, the council agreed to support in principle this proposal and attempt to apply for federal funding.