HUNTSVILLE, ON- Police in Huntsville made an out of the ordinary traffic stop on Tuesday.

According to a Twitter post from the Huntsville detachment of the OPP, a heavily burdened Subaru was stopped on Tuesday within Huntsville.

The vehicle had been hauling  what appeared to be furniture and other home goods, tied down with multiple straps and precariously balanced on a small trailer. A mattress and bed frame were also tied to the vehicle’s roof.

The vehicle had been spotted earlier in the day by other motorists heading south from the North Bay area.

A photo of the vehicle being stopped was shared out by the detachment’s commander, JohnPaul Graham.

“Are you kidding!!” wrote Graham.

“Think about the risk to others before you hit the road. Great work by OPP in Huntsville!”

The newsroom has reached out to Graham for comment on what happened to the driver after the stop.