Hudson’s Bay Company carefully reviewing proposal to sell

Canada’s oldest corporation could become foreign owned. The Hudson’s Bay Company’s shareholders are looking at going private and selling it for just over $3 per share more than it is currently being traded for. Nothing has been made official yet and the company said its board members are carefully reviewing the proposal.

Gum disease and heart attack chances almost double in people with undetected diabetes

Some people may be at a higher risk of heart attack and gum disease if they have undetected diabetes. A study from Diabetes Care in Sweden looked at over 800 heart attack patients and a separate control group of the same amount. They found it was twice as common for the heart attack patients to have undiagnosed diabetes.

Hong Kong looking to go through with extradition bill

A controversial move by Hong Kong to extradite people to mainland China looks like it will go through. It is reported that hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets of the former British colony. They claimed the decision will give Beijing more control over Hong Kong which allows more freedoms than other parts of China.