MINDEN HILLS, ON – An odd zoning amendment was met with a lot of concern in Minden.

During today’s Committee of the Whole meeting in Minden Hills, a proposed zoning amendment on Keewaydin Road was up for discussion.

According to the information presented by planner Ian Clendenning, the goal of the zoning change would be for the lot to go from shoreline residential to rural residential.

While discussing the proposal, Clendenning admitted being perplexed by the application. He explained that the applicant was looking to make the switch because there are trees blocking their view of the shore making the term “shoreline” kind of moot.

Another reason was that the applicant believed that with the rural residential designation that the property taxes would go down.

Minden CAO Lorrie Blanchard explained that was not the case. According to her, residential taxes are the same, shoreline or not.

Although there is another public meeting planned for this proposal and no decision was made, Clendenning voiced his concerns, saying that if they do make that change in designation than the setbacks would be much more than they are currently. (Lot increase in size??)

If the zoning amendment does move forward it will be met with criticism as six different neighbouring property owners gave submissions to the public process opposing the change.

Minden Hills council is set to hold another public meeting to do with this amendment at the end of the month.