GRAVENHURST, ON – Anyone who doesn’t qualify for low-income electricity conservation programs but still struggle with bills is getting relief.

In a release, the town of Gravenhurst told residents that the Ontario government has established a $100 million AffordAbility Fund. It is an independent trust offered through local electric utility companies.

The program aims to help Ontarians be more energy efficient, which will lower their bills in the long run.

The fund is meant for people who don’t qualify for the Home Assistance Program, Low-Income Energy Assistance Program and the Ontario Electricity Support Program. Anyone eligible for those programs are not able to apply for the AffordAbility Fund.

According to the province’s website, the program is for anyone who’s electricity bill has become a burden. The levels of support are relative to the bill amount and net income of the household.

The electricity bill needs to be in the person’s name who’s applying to qualify for free energy-saving products. Some of the items available include light bulbs and power bars, along with other levels of help.

The government will need basic information like total household income and the average monthly bill, but it promised the information will be kept private.

The province added that some people may qualify for heat pump or insulation upgrades for electrically heated homes. All upgrades and installations will be free of charge for those who do qualify and can take a few days to complete.

Anyone interested in seeing if they qualify can check out the AffordAbility Fund website.