HALIBURTON, ON – An art student is making waste part of her residency with Fleming College.

Alison Postma, a student of the Haliburton School of Art and Design has started a residency here in the village, and she says her placement has her finding things at the landfill.

Postma says that during her six weeks here she’ll “hang out at the landfill and collect objects and materials that I think are interesting or that I think I can work with.”

She says the next step is to take those things back to the studio space on campus. She believes that whatever she ends up making will likely stick to her style of photographing still lifes with found objects.

Postma says that she has never done this kind of residency before. She explains that she has collected things from garage sales, stuff found on the street and other interesting items, but never got the chance to peruse a landfill for her art.

According to Postma, she is excited to be getting started, and the opportunity to have that kind of access to the landfill.

Postma’s six-week placement started on July 12th and ends on August 23rd