HALIBURTON, ON – An associate professor thinks his presentation will be a fluid one.

Dr. Dan Longboat spoke with MyHaliburtonNow.com about his upcoming presentation at the Minden Hills Community Centre.

He says that he is excited to be coming up here after being invited by a former student of his and member of Environment Haliburton, Ryan Sisson.

The doctor, who is an associate professor in the Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies at Trent University and the Director of the Indigenous Environmental Institute, says he expects his presentation will be relatively fluid.

He explains that he intends to give the attendees a “glimpse into some of the traditional teachings, and the thinking and more specifically the indigenous culture.”

Longboat goes on to say that he’ll focus particularly on the Six Nations people, and share knowledge and deeper understandings “that help to create a connection to the environment.”

Beyond that, he says he’d like to share some of the practices and thinking used to connect with the environment. He also says he wants to talk about some of the issues that are affecting the world not just locals.

Some of the issues stemming from climate change he alludes to are invasive species, the loss of habitats and biodiversity.

Dr. Longboat says “I’m very fortunate” when talking about his coming to the area. He explains he’s excited to be talking to what he described as “an engaged group of active citizens that are really taking environmental concerns to a new level.”

Speaking to the efforts that county residents put into protecting and sustaining the environment, the doctor says he is empowered to see individuals and communities getting together and raising their concerns about the environment.

Adding to that, he says that he is heartened to know that there are events out in nature throughout the four seasons and says he is excited to get to meet the community,

“It’s really the best time to be alive as a human being,” says Longboat who goes to explain that humanity is in a position where it can tackle all of the issues and concerns that fall under the climate change umbrella.

“What’s really exciting to me, is that collectively, we can bring a whole lot of energy to bear on addressing these things”.

Dr. Longboat’s presentation is happening on August 10th.