HALIBURTON, ON – Just under a week after being burgled, the Thrift Warehouse wants people on the lookout for their stolen items.

Last Wednesday, the SIRCH Thrift Warehouse was broken into, and this week, warehouse staff are taking to social media with a catalogue of what was taken.

According to the Facebook post, in total there were seven different things that were taken during the early morning break-in.

Based on the values attached to each stolen item, the suspect made off with roughly $560 worth of stolen items.

Those items included antique premier hair clippers, antique books, an antique amplifier, antique Bunnykin dishes, costume jewelry, a box of antique books and the donation jar that was on a counter.

The suspect is described as approximately 5’5″-5’8″, wearing black FILA running shoes.

Anyone with information is asked to call the O.P.P. or Crime Stoppers.