HALIBURTON COUNTY, ON – The county is trying to make sure road projects are sustainable.

The county councillors voted to approve taking out a loan of $3 million for next year’s roads budget.

Craig Douglas, the Director of Public Works, brought the recommendation forward from the roads committee meeting. His report provided three options, borrow nothing, borrow $6 million or borrow $3 million.

The recommendation was $3 million.

Douglas explained in a report presented to the council, that staff are happy about the incremental budget increases that are moving the county closer to sustainability. The report goes on to say the roads infrastructure gap is a problem because the county resurfacing program will stay one step behind the needs of the roads over the next five years.

The report says “In fact, unless additional steps are taken, the level of service of the roads is forecast to worsen in the short term unless we see a significant rebound in the overall performance of the county roads.”

Explaining the importance of this kind of loan, Douglas says that hot mix roads degrade at different rates which means that with more money they can tackle more projects.

Adding to the conversation about the loan, county CAO Mike Rutter says staff are hopeful to get work done next year and then borrow the money later in the year.

After some discussion, the councillors voted unanimously to approve the loan.