HALIBURTON, ON – Incumbent Jamie Schmale held on to his seat in dominating fashion.

The Conservative representative won the Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock riding, which has been Tory blue since 2004.

Schmale doubled runner up Liberal candidate Judi Forbes when it came to votes with a total of 26,396 with 245 polls counted.

He thanked his campaign team, but also his competition for keeping debates civil and constructive.

“They were absolutely amazing,” Schmale said. “We had great discussions at the debates and a good relationship off the stage. It was an absolute pleasure to be talking some of the major issues people around the riding are dealing with.”

He added the issue of affordability seemed to be the main one voters had on mind. Schmale said he heard people’s paychecks aren’t going as far and their pension checks aren’t lasting as long.

Schmale said he plans on reducing the cost of living to make life more affordable for the residents of Haliburton.

Schmale also thanked all those who participated in the election, whether that be voters or volunteers at polling stations or those on campaign teams.

Most of all Schmale appreciated running in Canada.

“It is so great that we are able to have a country that we can all come together and participate without violence in a free society,” Schmale said.

While the Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock riding stayed blue, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau also remained in power. Schmale said the Prime Minister will have to change his attitude with a minority government.

“He will have to change the way he behaves,” Schmale said. “He goes into the office severely damaged after a number of scandals … He is going to have to find a dance partner and we will see what he is prepared to do.”

Schmale said his party is willing to work with the Liberals as long as it is mutual.