The Minden Food Bank is there to help those in need during this stressful time.

Manager Joanne Barnes says they are busy looking after regular clients and accepting families that have lost their job and need groceries now. She says they don’t have to be registered they can just show up.

Manager Barnes says the food bank supplies are ok for a week to 10 days, but the grocery stores are getting short changed on their orders, which means their shelves are not completely full, so quantities are limited. The food bank is able to give food to cover about 10 days out of the month. The basket will include milk, bread, fresh vegetables, frozen meals, frozen meats, toiletries and kids lunch meals.

Joanne Barnes says they have been supplying frozen meals for more than 5 years, especially to seniors, at no cost. She says they have supplied disaster relief in the past and work closely with the town and this situation is no different. They are ready to help those who have never asked for help before.

She wants everyone to know there is no shame in needing a hand up from time to time.

Money donations would be greatly appreciated, however no cash at this time. To make a donation you can send a cheque to the Minden Food Bank, Box 893 in Minden Ontario or you can put a cheque in the box in front of the food bank at 24 Newcastle St. or you can go online to or