The border between Canada and the U.S will remain closed until the end of June.

MP Jamie Schmale says this doesn’t affect trucks going back and forth as well as migrant farm workers that come every year.

In the early days of the pandemic, Canadian officials had issues about allowing the temporary foreign workers to come in to the country,  but managed to sort it out and the farm workers are quarantined for 14 days after crossing into Canada.

Schmale says these workers are vital to the farming industry. He says there’s a myth going around that these workers aren’t skilled, but that’s not true. In the vast majority of cases these temporary foreign workers are skilled in agriculture, and know exactly what they’re doing, and they can do it quickly and efficiently.

He says if we were to supplement these farms with Canadian workers, the training part of it would have been extensive.

Schmale says the growing season is limited and a lot of Canadians don’t want to do this work. He points out it would have been catastrophic to the farming industry if these skilled workers were not allowed into the country.

The border closing affects non-essential travel between Canada and the U.S..