Local MP Jamie Schmale weighs in on the controversy surrounding Canada’s Foreign Minister, Francois-Philippe Champagne, being in debt to a bank with ties to the Chinese communist party.

According to an article in the Globe and Mail, Foreign Minister Champagne has 2 properties in London England, with two mortgages totalling 1.2 million dollars held by the Bank of China, a bank that’s an arm of the communist party.

MP Schmale says he “asked about this in the committee session last Thursday in Ottawa”.

Schmale says “since 2018 our relations with China have been rocky at best. Our agricultural products have been at a standstill trying to get into China”. He says “we have 2 Canadians who have been held for 500 plus days with out any hope of being freed”. He also points out we have the Huawei executive that was placed under arrest at the request of the US, and has been a bone of contention”.

He says “now all of that combined with the fact that our top diplomat is indebted to the Communist Party of China and that when Taiwan sent a load of medical supplies to Canada, it took him almost a week to say thank you Taiwan in the same sentence”.

MP Schmale says “all of this is deeply concerning and it warrants another look.” He says “so many things that have happened are connected with China and the Communist Party”.