The pattern of hot weather continues throughout Cottage Country.

According to Environment Canada, daytime high temperatures are expected to be over 30 degrees, with humidex pushing the temperature into the high thirties to low forties.

In an interview with MyHaliburtonNow, Meteorologist Gerald Chang says they expect the streak of hot weather to continue all through this week.

“It is going to be hot, but luckily at least, for now, the overnight lows are staying below 20. At least until Thursday night, because that is the night when we could possibly not see temperatures drop that much, even during the night time.”

Chang points to a slightly cooler air mass expected to move into the area this weekend.

Forecasts expect the temperatures to drop down to below 30 degrees by Saturday – with a chance we could see showers, but Chang says until that time comes – we’ll be dealing with the heat.

“This could be unbearable for people who don’t have air conditioning or who don’t live in houses with basements where they can escape the heat. So, this system that’s coming for the weekend will bring us some cloud coverage and showers and hopefully, that will cool things off.

Environment Canada notes that hot and humid air can also bring deteriorating air quality and can result in the Air Quality Health Index approaching the high-risk category.

Chang also reminds residents of the importance of drinking lots of water – and staying indoors if you can.

“By the time we get thirsty, we know it’s the body telling us we are dehydrated. Certainly, drink plenty of fluids. And also, don’t leave your children our pets in your vehicle because inside a vehicle, it gets even hotter with the windows up and no ventilation.”

For more weather updates – visit Environment Canada’s website.