OPP is reminding those driving on Off-Road Vehicles to use caution and obey the laws designed to keep you safe.

ORV’s include vehicles like All-Terrain Vehicles, side-by-sides, Utility-Terrain Vehicles, Extreme-Terrain Vehicles and Off-Road Motorcycles.

Police say the leading causes of injury and death include losing control, alcohol consumption, lack of experience and overall carelessness.

Other common contributing factors include driving too fast for conditions and not wearing a helmet.

Driving an ORV while impaired is a criminal offence and carries the same penalties as impaired operation of a motor vehicle.

OPP note while the operation of ORVs on Ontario roadways is generally prohibited, there are exceptions permitted by Ontario regulations and municipal by-laws to allow crossing of roadways and ORV travel on the shoulder of specified roads.

Drivers operating a permitted ORV along a road or highway must hold at least a G2 or M2 driver’s licence, and their vehicle must be registered and insured.

For more information on driving ORVs on roadways, you can head here – or consult your municipality