Toronto and Peel Region residents know they are staying in lockdown for the foreseeable future but for the rest of the province, we won’t know until Monday.

In a brief statement Friday, Premier Doug Ford says he will be holding weekend meetings with his public health command table and the CEO’s of all Ontario hospitals, “I want to listen to what is happening on the ground, within the hospitals, within ICU units.”

A decision on how to move forward with public health restrictions for the rest of Ontario will be made Monday at 1:00 pm. Ford said the help of all Ontarians is needed, “Without the help of all 14.5 -million people of Ontario, we will not be able to get through it ourselves, but with all of your support we will get through this and we will come out better on the other end.”

CBC News is reporting a source close to the government says the province is considering a complete lockdown of Southern Ontario beginning on Boxing Day and running until January 11th.