More reliable cell service in the region has taken a step closer to reality.

At the inaugural 2021 Eastern Ontario Warden’s Caucus meeting, the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) says they will soon finalize details of their Cell Gap project and start construction in 2021. EORN Chair J. Murray Jones says that demand for cell service is growing, and the project will help get it to areas that need it. They say the public-private partnership is valued at $213 million.

They have not provided an exact date as to when the construction will begin.

In addition, they have provided an update on their Gig Project, which aims to bring improved broadband to the region. They say that they and the Warden’s Caucus have been pursuing funding options to move forward with the project. In the meantime, EORN is urging counties around Eastern Ontario to support county-level projects that will achieve greater coverage.

Written by Trevor Smith-Millar