Premier Doug Ford did not commit to sending in the military to help in Ontario’s long-term care homes.  He did say that in a phone conversation earlier today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered the support of military personnel to help operate some long-term care homes.

When pressed again Ford says he “never, ever” refuses help but after a third reporter asked the same question, he says he is leaving it up to the Ministries of Long-term Care and Health to decide, “I will reach out to health and long-term care and they’re going to make that decision. We need all the help we can get so I am not going to refuse any help when it gets offered to us…in my opinion some homes it’s required.”

Almost 40-percent of long-term care homes in the province are dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks and since the first of the month over 200 residents and staff have died from the virus bringing the death toll to over 3,063 since the start of the pandemic.