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HKPR doing well with COVID-19 numbers; Dr. Bocking

The district’s COVID-19 numbers seem to be decreasing according to our Medical Officer of Health Dr. Natalie Bocking.

Dr. Bocking said on Wednesday during her weekly update, “I’m quite hopeful that that’s this means that we truly are on the downwards side of this most recent resurgence in COVID-19,”

However, even though promising, she said it may be too soon to say that we’ve completely gotten through this third wave.

Bocking said a third of the cases reported in our district the last 2 weeks have no known source of transmission, as in there’s not a clear-cut exposure that can contribute to their infection.

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Otherwise, she said cases were mainly exposed through household contacts or close contacts with the majority being household contacts.

Dr. Bocking also officially “un-sounded” the alarm made about three weeks ago because of capacity issues that were affecting contact tracing,

She said the health unit is in a much better place than it was when it was getting 35 to 40 new cases identified per day as opposed to this week’s closer to 10 cases per day.

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