New fundraising efforts were recently launched for the Dorset Community Health Hub. Sarah Coombs is a resident of Dorset, and after they found out the location needed a rebuild, she wanted to see if she could raise funds to help offset costs.

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Coombs says the fundraiser will include two teams spending the night in quinzee huts during the Dorset Snowball Winter Carnival. Coombs says she didn’t know if fundraising online would work, so she kept the target low, and was happy to see the funds come rolling in. She explains it’s going to help offset a lot of costs, and she describes the stage the project is at right now:

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Coombs says now that they’ve surpassed the goal, everything over and above is a bonus, so they’re going to keep it going.

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Coombs says they’re inviting everyone to go to the Winter Carnival on Friday February 20 to help build the huts, and they’ll be spending the night in them on Saturday February 21.

To donate to the cause, click here.

People can also donate during the Carnival, but Coombs says anyone who isn’t able to donate that way can call her at 705-783-9427.

While those funds are coming in, the monthly Dorset Community Partnership Group and Fund Meeting will happen. Coombs says people will get more information about the status of renovations and how the project is moving along. The meeting is open for anyone to attend and give some input about the project and fundraising. It’s at the Dorset Rec Centre on Feb 17 at seven o’clock. More information can be found by clicking here.