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Haliburton County may soon have a CT scan machine

Haliburton Highlands Health Services (HHHS) is looking into the possibility of bringing a CT scan machine to Haliburton County.

“HHHS had planned to include the addition of a CT scan machine as part of our master planning process,” said Carolyn Plummer, president & CEO of HHHS. “We know it would make such a positive impact in the community and that this is something the community has wanted for some time.”

According to officials with HHHS, a feasibility study will be done. They explain it will help them figure out if they can avoid waiting for the master plan process to be finished and purchase the machine now. If the answer is yes, the officials say an application would be sent to the Ministry of Health.

“While we hope to be successful in this effort, we know we have a long way to go,” said Plummer. “We do see so many benefits of having a CT scan machine for everyone in Haliburton County. It would support our patients with quicker diagnostics, help to better meet the needs of our community in terms of screening and prevention, help attract new healthcare workers to the area, and reduce the number of EMS hours currently spent transferring patients out of the County for services.”

Officials say more details will be shared “as the process starts to unfold.”

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