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Ford echoes his Health Minister, says Minden ER closure is a local decision

“We’ll do what we can to help the people of Minden but it’s a local decision.” 

That’s what Premier Doug Ford said when asked if the province will step in to save the Minden ER from its upcoming closure.  

“They’re not closing the hospital, they’re short-staffed and if we can help and support them we’ll do that any way we can but that’s moving to Haliburton. They have more resources, a larger hospital and we want to make sure that everyone has convenient care as close to possible to their home as they can,” he says. 

Ford says this brings the focus back to Bill 60 and about making sure there are community surgical clinics close to home and convenient service for the people that may be waiting 18 months for cataracts, which he says “is ridiculous”.  

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“Waiting 18 months for a hip or knee replacement while they sit in pain. We don’t believe that. We believe we can deliver better service with the collaboration of the hospitals. Take the burden off the hospitals to free them up for real, serious operations,” Ford says. 

Haliburton Highlands Health Services announced that the Emergency Room in Minden would close as of June 1 and all emergency services would be transferred to its Haliburton location, 25 kilometres away. 

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