A local registered dietitian is making a business case for why workplaces should do more to support healthy eating for their employees. According to an ipsos-reid poll, 45 per cent of Canadians find eating healthy meals and snacks at work a real challenge.

According to Rosie Kadwell, with the HKPR District Health Unit, health eating at work can help boost concentration and productivity. That’s why she says employers can be doing things to improve the workplace culture like having small kitchen appliances where staff can prepare healthy meals. She also says simple things like offering healthy meals and snacks during workplace meetings or event can also make a difference.

When it comes to the employee, Kadwell says there are also ways to eat well throughout the day. She offers these tips:

  • Make time for breakfast to fuel your body and brain
  • Pack a nutritional lunch like using dinner leftovers such as chicken or turkey and mixing it in with cheese, tortilla and salad to make a wrap
  • Beat the mid-afternoon slump – stand up during phone calls, or walk around your desk or office to get moving again. Re-energize yourself with a small snack such as carrot sticks with dip or cottage cheese with fruit.

For more tips like this, go to the HKPR website.