It’s the international day of green, and while people take part in their annual traditions, OPP are reminding people that if you plan to drink, plan not to drive. OPP Acting Sergeant Kelly Daniels explains what they want you to do:

Daniels says this can mean arranging for a designated driver, a taxi or a place to spend the night. House parties are the most common, says Daniels, so she’s reminding the host to serve non-alcoholic drinks and make sure anyone leaving their house doesn’t drink and drive, because they can be held liable in an impaired driving case.

Even if you’re not celebrating St. Patrick’s Day the traditional way, there’s still an important role you can play.

OPP are asking that people make proper choices and make sure you have a ride to get home safely.

If you need to plan a ride home, call #TAXI (8294) or a local cab company, listed below.

Hyland Taxi 705-457-1777