SIRCH Community Services is launching a new fundraiser this year called Release of the Butterflies. Organizer, Wendy Isles explains how it starts:

On June 14, people will be at the Minden Cultural Centre to release their butterflies and the proceeds will support the Bereavement Program at SIRCH. But, Isles explains that the event is about so much more than raising money.

Isles explains that the Bereavement Program doesn’t have any base funding through government grants or funds, so they rely solely on donations and sponsors. The program is something that Isles says a lot of people find extremely beneficial.

To make sure there is a butterfly for you, Isles is asking people to donate by May 8.

To find out more about the event, the Bereavement Program, or about sponsorships, you can contact SIRCH at 705-457-1742.