Environment Haliburton is introducing a nation-wide campaign to Haliburton County. It’s called the Blue Dot Campaign, and Chair of Environment Haliburton, Heather Ross explains what it’s for:

Ross says climate change is a hard battle to fight, because it’s hard to see how changing one light bulb will make a difference. But, she says this campaign is great because it’s something people can do which could make a difference.

Ross says they will be out all summer asking for signatures and will go to local municipal councils in the fall to ask for a declaration of their support for the campaign. She explains why starting at the local level is so important:

In order for an amendment to the constitution to be made, 50 per cent of the populations in seven provinces across Canada need to support it. Ross says this is a process that will take about five years.

Environment Haliburton is inviting anyone to come out to their event on Tuesday April 14 at the Minden United Church at 7 p.m. to find out more about the campaign.

Ross says they will be launching the campaign at an event on Earth Day (April 22) at Nature’s Place.