Local businesses are gearing up for another tourism season and the Ontario Highlands Tourism Organization (OHTO) is holding marketing sessions to talk about their new brand. Senior marketing strategist Marc Whitehead explains what the new ‘Come Wander’ campaign is about:

Our local tourism department is asking more businesses to get involved with tourism, and Whitehead says they should be because they are a part of the community that visitors come to experience.

He explains what tourists are looking for and how the businesses play a role:

The tourism marketing session is happening on April 30 at the Pinestone Resort. It’s a chance for businesses to learn more about the Come Wander campaign, ask questions, and give feedback.

Whitehead explains why they are looking for that involvement:

He says they’ve seen the results in communities where tourism marketing leads to more business for local operators.

To find out more about OHTO’s campaign and the tourism marketing session, go to their website.