The Ontario government has released this year’s budget showing a balance for 2017-2018. Something that’s brought a lot of attention is the sale of 60 per cent of Hydro One to private companies. Our local MPP, Laurie Scott explains why she doesn’t think hydro costs will go down:

According to a release from the province, their investment in infrastructure is the largest in Ontario’s history. Scott says some of that will come to local infrastructure, but not very much and they don’t know where and for what.

She also says that the interest rate on the provincial debt is the third largest budget item, and she doesn’t see the numbers adding up to a balanced budget by 2018.

Scott sums up the budget and what she would have liked to see:

Scott says the government needs to sell off some of its assets, but then use that money to pay off some of the debt. She says there are some good budget items, but Ontario is still in a very vulnerable financial position.