The SIRCH Safe at Home program is looking to get underway soon. Program coordinator Wendy Iles says it’s a program designed to help seniors stay in their home longer. She explains what it will look like:

Iles says the assessment comes back to SIRCH, where they identify any risks in the home and what they can do to help. The assessments are completely free to seniors and the suggestions are optional.

Volunteers will be trained on how to conduct the assessments. Iles explains what that training will look like:

Volunteers will be training for the assessments at the end of the month, and Isles says they hope to have the program up and running by late June.

The goal is to connect seniors with services and resources that will improve their environmental life so they can stay in their homes longer.

SIRCH is currently accepting volunteers, or people interested in having their home assessed. You can contact Wendy Iles at SIRCH by calling 705-457-1742 or emailing [email protected]