While saving the lives of turtles in Haliburton County may be something the Land Trust has become popular for over the last year, they’ll be talking about so much more at tomorrow’s annual general meeting. Dianne Mathes (Math-ess) is the board chair and she says there are few things they’ll be highlighting:

She explains that the Turtle Road Mortality Mitigation Project has been a huge success and has helped to bring in over 100 volunteers. While that project will continue over the next two years, she says it’s definitely one of their biggest accomplishments so far.

This year also marks the tenth year for the Land Trust, and since then, Mathes says they’ve acquired four properties and over 600 acres of protected land. She explains what could be next:

The meeting is happening at the Fish Hatchery tomorrow (Saturday) at 10:00 a.m. It’s open to the public. Mathes explains part of the day will be saying goodbye to some pretty significant members of their board, but also acclaiming some new ones.

She says it will also be a great chance for anyone interested in volunteering to look at all the different ways they can get involved.