Local MP Barry Devolin announced today that 17 million dollars is going into the Trent Severn Waterway in Haliburton County. It’s part of a 285 million dollar project across the TSW. Devolin said Minden’s flood two years ago was the last in a series of events where public safety was at risk. It sparked investigation into the system and what work needed to be done.

The biggest project in Haliburton County will be the Kennisis Lake dam, for 4.9 million dollars. Other projects will include Horseshoe Lake, White Lake, and 12 Mile Lake, among others.

Minden Hills Reeve Brent Devolin said they’re ecstatic about the announcement because it will mean less problems for the people in Minden.

MP Devolin explained that part of the project will include one million dollars to update the water management system.

As soon as the Minister of the Environment made the announcement about the investment, Devolin said people were already on the phone to put tenders out for the work. He says the work will start immediately, and he’s estimating the majority of it to be done within the next two years.