Some of the MP candidates for Haliburton Kawartha Lakes Brock want to see a change to Canada’s voting system. All of the candidates say any change they make would include input from citizens first.

NDP candidate Mike Perry wants to see voters get two votes, one for a local MP and one for a regional member who would be a party candidate.

David Marquis, the Liberal candidate, says they would put together an all-party parliamentary committee to look at different systems.

Green Party candidate Bill MacCallum says they want to see a system that directly reflects how many votes a party gets. And the way to get there is through an All-party Democratic Voting Commission

PC Candidate Jamie Schmale says provincial referendums in other provinces over the years show people want to stay with the current system. He also says that the Conservatives would put forward a legislation banning any changes to the voting system without holding a referendum first.