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Climate Change a reality in Haliburton County

Local tourism operators are learning the reality of climate change in Haliburton County. Business owner Peter Schleifenbaum says based on a research study conducted here, Haliburton County will look like Virginia in 80 years.

Schleifenbaum says the warmer temperatures mean less wildlife like trout that need the cold to survive.

He’s also predicting we’ll lose our Moose population very soon because we need the snow and cold weather to kill off parasites that are a threat to Moose in the area.

Schleifenbaum says something else that will drastically change in our area are the trees. He says one thing that is making its way to Ontario is the pine beetle, which has already destroyed forests in BC.

Schleifenbaum says cold weather is what kills the beetle, but as temperatures get warmer with climate change, the balance isn’t there. Schleifenbaum is working with researchers on local climate change models and impacts.

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