A recent cross-border investigation into human trafficking has our local MPP calling for action from the provincial government. Laurie Scott introduced a private member’s motion in May to create an anti-trafficking taskforce.

The motion received all-party support, but Scott says nothing has been done.

She says the recent investigation led to over 190 arrests, which shows the crime is increasing. However, she explains a lot of that investigation happened because of volunteer initiative.

Scott is looking for the province to take some sort of action. With the right resources, she says there would be a lot more arrests.

She also says these cases need to be dealt with differently, meaning different shelters and counseling.

Scott says about 93 per cent of the victims in Ontario are from this province. She says girls as young as 11 years old are being lured and forced into the sex trade. Scott says she’ll keep the pressure on the government to take action.