It’s more expensive to eat healthy than it was a year ago in Haliburton County. That’s according to the Nutritious Food basket report by the HKPR District Health Unit. The results show that it costs about $200 a week for a family of four to eat healthy. Registered Dietitian Rosie Kadwell says that’s a $12 increase over last year.

Kadwell says a family making minimum wage is spending up to three times more of their income on food compared to medium income families.

She says we have great food programs in Haliburton County, but the solution is to change the system.

She says another way to help is to support local food producers.

Kadwell says we need to make food system planning a priority in our municipalities.

You can find out more about the Nutritious Food Basket report and challenges facing local residents by going to the Rethink Poverty website.