The Volunteer Dental Outreach for Haliburton County has reached a milestone. Since the VDO opened in May 2011, its team of volunteer dentists and hygienists have provided over $1.5 million dollars in free urgent dental care to 587 patients. These patients reside in all four municipalities of Haliburton county. The dental team is currently comprised of six volunteer dentists. Overall, 23 dentists have volunteered at the clinic at least one day to contribute to this total. While hundreds of people have received necessary dental care, it’s been an ongoing challenge to reduce the number of patients on the wait list. As of Jan. 18, it included 34 people. In addition to volunteers, fundraising is also critical to keeping the clinic’s doors open. With the costs of dental supplies, equipment and rent, the annual operating budget is $90,000. To find out more about VDO, visit